Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum

Dipterists Forum produces a Bulletin twice a year, containing a diverse mix of articles and news – essential reading for anyone with an interest in Diptera! The Bulletin is edited by Darwyn Sumner with assistance from Judy Webb, and with contributions from many DF members and recording scheme organisers.

DF members receive each Bulletin as it is published, and can download the most recent issues via the membership area. Wherever possible we make back issues publicly available after two years, via the links below (note that these are PDF downloads and some are quite large). Thanks to Darwyn Sumner for hosting many of these on his European Micropezids & Tanypezids website.

Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum

cover of autumn 2023 Bulletin

Editor Darwyn Sumner

There may be some formatting errors in issues 47 to 62/3, some corrections have been made in the above pdf versions but other improvements may be made.

Editor: Martin Drake

Editor: Alan Stubbs

Thanks to Phil Brighton for digitising 3, 9 to 12 & 14 to 36 to Martin Drake for archive copies and Tony Irwin for completing the set by finding issue 2.

Thanks to Darwyn Sumner for making these files available and to the Natural History Museum for hosting them on their servers.