Bee-fly Watch 2023

"Dark-edged Bee-fly by Sue Collison"
Dark-edged Bee-fly by Sue Collison

Every year the Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme asks people to look out for bee-flies. They are the furry, hovering flies with a very long 'snout' (proboscis) that can be seen hovering over flowers in spring. In 2022 there was one very early record on 9 February, followed by more from 2 March onwards. They continue flying into early June.

You can download a bee-fly identification guide (pdf). For lots more information about bee-flies go to the Bee-fly Watch page on the Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme website.

You can add records via the iRecord website or app, or by using the form below. If you have an iRecord account it is best to log in before adding a record. If you don't have an iRecord account you can still use the form below, but if you want to be able to review your records on iRecord and (optionally) to receive notifications about your records, please register with iRecord first. If you are new to bee-fly recording please add a photo to your record if you can.