Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme

Banded General soldierfly, Stratiomys potamida -photo by Nigel Jones
Stratiomys potamida © Nigel Jones

The Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme collates biological records for 11 related Diptera families, using the information to promote enjoyment, study and conservation of the species and their habitats.

This recording scheme falls under the umbrella of Dipterists Forum. The scheme is coordinated by Martin Harvey with help from others in Dipterists Forum.

A series of identification guides can be downloaded from the link on the left.

To send in your records, please add them to iRecord (or see the "Sending in records" link on the left for other options). Records are shared with NBN Atlas, Local Environmental Recording Centres and others.

Lots more resources, including a national atlas and recording scheme newsletters, are available from the previous scheme website (contents of that website are being transferred here, but it will be some time before everything has moved across).

The Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme includes these families of flies:

  • Soldierflies, Stratiomyidae
  • Horseflies, Tabanidae
  • Robberflies, Asilidae
  • Snipeflies, Rhagionidae
  • Stiletto-flies, Therevidae
  • Bee-flies, Bombyliidae
  • Hunchback-flies, Acroceridae
  • Water-snipeflies, Athericidae
  • Windowflies, Scenopinidae
  • Awl-flies, Xylophagidae
  • Wood-soldierflies, Xylomyidae

The main guide to these species is British soldierflies and their allies by Alan Stubbs and Martin Drake, available from the BENHS; see also the other books on our resources page. 

We're also SoldierfliesRS on Twitter/X, and we contribute to the British Soldierflies and Allies Facebook group.

Chloromyia formosa - Broad Centurion
Chloromyia formosa - Broad Centurion
Martin Harvey
Beris morrisii - Yellow-legged Black Legionnaire
Beris morrisii - Yellow-legged Black Legionnaire
Martin Harvey
Books relating to this scheme
British soldierflies and their allies book cover British Soldierflies and their allies
Stubbs, A., and Drake, M.
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