Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme

Banded General soldierfly, Stratiomys potamida (photo by Nigel Jones)


The Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme collates biological records for 11 related Diptera families, using the information to promote enjoyment, study and conservation of the species and their habitats.


This recording scheme falls under the umbrella of Dipterists Forum. The scheme is coordinated by Martin Harvey with help from others in Dipterists Forum.


To send in your records, please add them to iRecord (or see the scheme website for other options).


Lots more resources, including identification guides, a national atlas and recording scheme newsletters, are available from the scheme website.


Books relating to this scheme
British soldierflies and their allies book cover British Soldierflies and their allies
Stubbs, A., and Drake, M.
BENHS - 2014
BENHS website