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The Dipterists Forum was established in 1993.  The society aims to promote the study, recording and conservation of true flies (Diptera).  Our focus is on the British Isles, but we foster links with dipterists throughout Europe and further afield.

Cairngorms summer field meeting

Our membership ranges from beginners to experts, from amateurs to professionals. Most of our members are enthusiastic volunteer naturalists. Currently we have approximately 350 members - if you are not yet a member you are very welcome to join us!

We particularly encourage recording to improve knowledge of the distribution of flies and their conservation needs.  Mapping species distribution has been a major achievement of ours to date.  Our work has shown how many species are becoming rare as a consequence of wetland loss, urban development and agricultural development.  As the climate changes, this mapping has become very important as it shows how some southern species are moving north.  Much more remains to be done, though!

Dipterists Forum has the following objectives:

  • To foster the study of Diptera, including linking with other disciplines where there is a relationship with other animals and plants.
  • To promote the recording of all aspects of the natural history of Diptera, including the advancement of distribution mapping.
  • To promote the conservation of Diptera.
  • To encourage and support amateurs in harmony with professionals in museums, institutes and universities.
  • To organise indoor meetings, workshops, field meetings and other relevant events.
  • To disseminate information through newsletters and publications.
  • To focus on the Diptera of the British Isles whilst maintaining an interest in those of continental Europe and elsewhere.

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Our local groups pages have more information about county and regional Diptera groups.


Change over time for the hoverfly Volucella zonaria based on records sent to the Hoverfly Recording Scheme)