Heleomyzid Recording Scheme

 Neoleria propinqua ♂♂ 


  • Taxonomic Group (English): Spiny-winged flies
  • Taxonomic Group (Scientific): Diptera: Heleomyzidae and Trixoscelididae
  • Scheme Organiser: Ian Andrews

This scheme was established in 2020 to promote the study and recording of the 61 UK species in these two families. Its predecessor as a study group was described in the spring 2019 DF Bulletin (no. 87).

  • Records for the scheme can be added to iRecord, or contact Ian direct to send spreadsheet records.
  • A draft key to heleomyzids, by Duncan Sivell and Alan Stubbs, is available on request from Ian Andrews
  • A Heleomyzid project on iNaturalist is bringing together photo records of some of the 151 European species and highlights variety within the family here... 


  • An extensive Flickr Heleomyzidae collection can be seen here...

Some photos of representative species from the Heleomyzidae can be seen by clicking on the following species names...

Morpholeria ruficornis 

Scoliocentra villosa

Tephrochlamys rufiventris

Oecothea fenestralis

Suillia pallida

...and this one from the Trixoscelididae.

Trixoscelis obscurella


Revision of the genus Tephrochlaena, with a key to genera of Palaearctic Heteromyzinae (Diptera: Heleomyzidae) LO GIUDICE&WOŹNICA

The above pdf is important for reference if finding a fly which keys out to Tephrochlaena from an inland site. Tephrochlaena is strictly coastal, but there seems to be an inland Tephrochlamys-type with strong pre-sutural DCs which keys out to Tephrochlaena. Some examples can be seen here...

Tephrochlamys sp. with pre-sutural DCs

Updated and illustrated key to Heteromyzine genera This includes the apparent Tephrochlamys with pre-sutural DCs, which is mentioned above.

Illustrated key to Neoleria

Tephrochlamys flavipes / tarsalis

Heteromyza male faces