Cranefly Recording Scheme

  • Taxonomic Group (English): Craneflies
  • Taxonomic Group (Scientific): Tipuloidea & Ptychopteridae
  • Scheme organiser for records: currently vacant
  • Newsletter editor: John Kramer

Cranefly Recording Scheme on social media

Information, help with identifications and general cranefly chat and enthusiasm is available on Facebook (managed by Ryan Mitchell and Ian Andrews). Records can be submitted via iRecord, or contact the scheme organisers direct to send in spreadsheets etc.

Identification resources


Screenshot of tiger cranefly crib sheetNEW: cranefly crib sheets

These are for personal educational use only, and are NOT a replacement for the identification keys listed below. They are by Pete Boardman (2020).

Draft keys to craneflies by Alan Stubbs and John Kramer

These keys are all by Stubbs, A.E. and Kramer. J. (2016). The links are to PDFs hosted on the Catalogue of the Craneflies of the World. The keys are drafts for a full book on UK craneflies that is in the advanced stages of preparation.

If you go the the "Literature" section of the Catalogue and search for authors such as Stubbs, Kramer or Boardman you will find PDF downloads for many more articles and papers of interest to cranefly recorders.

Recording scheme newsletters