Lesser Dung Fly (Sphaeroceridae) Study Group

  • Taxonomic Group (English): Lesser Dung Flies

  • Taxonomic Group (Scientific): Diptera: Sphaeroceridae

  • Group coordinators: Andrew Cunningham and Mark Welch

The Lesser Dung Fly study group welcomes and seeks to promote interactions with all those interested in this extraordinary fly family, including help with identification.

The main purposes of setting up this study group are:-

  1. To promote the study of Sphaeroceridae by forming a network of specialists (not necessarily experts!) who share an interest in this family and to exchange information, ideas and tips on study methods, both in the field and at home.
  2. To undertake targeted surveys of particular species or genera to improve knowledge of their likely status and habitat requirements.
  3. To study behaviour, phenology, immature stages and interactions with other invertebrates.
  4. To help with identification and the recognition of new-to-Britain/Ireland species.

Paul Gatt and Dave Brice are the taxonomic experts for this study group.

For more information on the group, and details of identification resources, please download our information sheet.