Dipterists Forum - the society for the study of flies (Diptera)

Dipterists Forum promotes the study, recording and conservation of true flies in the British Isles.

Flies are amazingly diverse and varied, and studying them can be hugely rewarding. It is true that some are pests or disease carriers but most are beneficial, many are attractive and some are spectacular.

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Why not join us? And help us find out more about flies. There’s much to be discovered.

We welcome beginners, as well as experienced dipterists and professional entomologists. You don’t need to be an expert to make really important discoveries and contribute to our knowledge.

Flies are fascinating! Explore our website to find out how you can help study and conserve them.

Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum: current issue

cover of spring 2024 Bulletin

The latest Dipterists Forum Bulletins are available to members. Our Spring 2024 issue 97 contains updates on conservation, recording, techniques, meeting reports, and more.

There are also recording scheme newsletters for these groups:

  • Soldierflies and allies
  • Hoverflies
  • Craneflies

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