What do we know about the Chloropids?   I have a specimen of Elachiptera but no sure means of getting further. Thorax and abdomen black, thorax marked with punctures, no visible spines on the scutellum, head and legs yellow except for black or darkened femora.  There seem to be 8 British species.  Two photos attached.  I'd be glad for some guidance.



Tony - thanks for pointing me to Camarota - my specimen exactly matches the five photos on Diptera Info.  So it's going in the box as C. curvipennis.  What do we know about this species?  I seem to be turning up Chloropids all the time, but can't find a key - is there one?

There is a very expensive Fauna Ent Scand book on chloropids, though it doesn't have all of the British species included. Your best bet is to get in touch with John and Barbara Ismay (you can e-mail them from this site - go to "Recording" then "Chloropid Study Group"). They have produced a set of provisional keys for the British Fauna which are very useful.