Subscriptions for 2021

Subscriptions fall due on 1st January each year. However we are happy to receive payment in the first three months of the year as this allows us to more accurately work out how many printed copies of our journals we will need. We send the Spring issue of the Bulletin to all people who subscribed the previous year as it is normally printed early in the year. This year the Dipterists Digest was also printed early so we sent it to all the previous year's subscribers. However, if you have not yet paid your 2021 subscription no further journals will be sent until subs are up to date. Sending out backlog journals to late subscribers both costs DF money (our Bulletin bulk postage is kindly paid for by an outside party) and extra work for the membership secretary and journal distributor. If you are unsure if you have paid your subs for this year please contact the membership secretary.

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