*Updated* Dipterists Day content from DF members

Dear Members,

I'm very pleased to say that some of you have already been hard at work producing content "from the members" for this year's Dipterists Day event (20/11/2021).

Ian Andrews has created a Padlet giving an outline of the Helomyzid recording scheme, and Iain McGowan has created two, one on Montane Diptera, and the other outlining his Lonchaeidae scratchpad (Lonchaeidae online). Also from Scotland, a padlet on collecting Diptera in western pinewoods, from Ian Strachan. My own offering, details my most memorable fly encounter of summer 2021, adult Gasterophilus intestinalis hilltopping in North Wales. 2021 has also been an excellent one for craneflies with the publication of Alan Stubbs' book British Craneflies and the interest continues with a padlet on the craneflies of Northamptonshire from John Showers. Erica McAlister at the NHM in London gives an overview of the diptera collections there. Mike Bloxham has shared his 2021 diptera highlights, and Malcolm Jennings has had a successful year in his garden shed, rearing Lipara similis from a galled reed spotted on the Medway canal near Gravesend. Finally, but by no means least, from our chairman Rob Wolton, summer winter gnats.

*Just in* A late twitter entry from Mike Ashworth, detailing late season activity in Conisternum decipiens.

So far, all the authors have oppened up their Padlets for comments from other members, so feel free to post comments or reactions - let the discussions begin!

For guidance on how to participate and create your own Padlet, go to the main menu on this site and read the Events item on the 2021 Dipterists Day.

Kind regards

Zoe Adams (Indoor meetings secretary)

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