Dipterists Day 21/11/2020

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There will be an on-line event on the morning of Saturday 21st November 2020.

The event is open to all, members and non-members.


10:30               Welcome and orientation  [Zoe Adams (NHM)]

10:40               Darwin Tree of Life: How to squash as many flies into the project as we can.  [Lyndall Pereira (NHM)]

11:00               Darwin tree of life project: Molecular techniques.  [Mara Lawniczak (Sanger Institute)]

11:20               Coffee break

11:50               Darwin tree of life project: implications for UK Diptera.  [Zoe Adams (NHM)]

12:10               First insights from the Sarcophagidae Recording Scheme

                       [Charles Griffiths (DF), Daniel Whitmore (Stuttgart Museum) & Nigel Jones (DF)]

12:30               New Rhinophoridae recording scheme.  [Ryan Mitchell (Oxford Museum)]

12:50              Brickopore workshop:  eDNA sequencing explained through the medium of Lego! http://brickopore.co.uk/[Andie Hall (NHM)]

13:10              Closing remarks  [Zoe Adams (Organiser) & Rob Wolton (DF Chair)]

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