Phoridae: Anevrina urbana?


I found a phorid earlier in March, in my North Essex garden and, following advice, bought the RES handbook for the family (excluding Megaselia). Have keyed it out to Anevrina urbana but is anyone able to confirm?

My reasoning: no bristles or hairs seen on the mesopleuron (see 4th pic); tibia have isolated bristles in upper two-thirds (see 6th, 7th, 8th pics); hind tibia simply haired (see 6th pic); vein 3 forked (see 5th pic) and has over 10 hairs on dorsal face (not visible in any of my photos).


Thanks for the reply, Tony. I have had another look at where tergite 5 should be but have to admit I am not sure what I am looking at here. Attached a pic in the hopes you can advise further.

Also, may I just check this is a female (sorry if this sounds a silly question but still on a very sharp learning curve).

Yes, it is a female, and from your last photo it looks like tergite 5 is represented just by hairs on the membrane (with the proviso that photos are notorious for being misinterpreted!)