Can anyone advise on likely / possible genus of this phorid found today in my North Essex garden. It was about 5.5mm (head to abdomen tip), about 7mm if you include the wings.

Are their any keys available for phorids?



There is an RES handbook on the Phoridae, but it excludes the genus Megaselia. Since this is much the largest genus in the family, and most of the Phoridae I ever come across seem to belong to it, I haven't found this handbook very useful! I believe that there have also been many additions to the family since the handbook was published in 1983. If anyone knows of anything more comprehensive and up-to-date I too would be interested to hear about it.

Slightly damaged copies of the handbook are available from the Ent Soc at a bargain price of £3.00 - See

The large isolated bristles on the tibiae suggest that this is not Megaselia, so if you have the specimen, it should be fairly easy to key. From just a photo, I'd hesitate to place it in a genus!