Clusiidae sp?

Submitted by JThomas on Sun, 13/12/2020 - 22:06


I have keyed this fly out to Clusiidae, using Oosterbroek. From there I attempted to get further with Stubbs (1982), but I'm not really convinced by either determination and I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction please?

Found on 2020-11-22 in a field on young crop in North Shropshire, not far from manure heap.

- Body length ~ 8mm.

- Cannot see any spots on wings. R4+5 not forked. Haltere orange. Vein Sc complete; separate from R1 and does not meet costa near R1.

- Plinial suture present. Various vibrissae. Some in-curved F bristles. Arista long with a few small hairs near base.  P-bristles appear parallel.

- Coxae of mid legs not far apart. 1st segment of hind tarsi not short. Dorsal preapical bristle present on mid and hind tibiae.

I can take further photographs if need be. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.