Arncott Flies

Submitted by TAYLOR SUE on Sat, 19/06/2021 - 22:22

Two flies that I think should be 'doable' from photos but I need some help please,  both were from damp nutrient poor meadows rich in Dyers Greenweed and a good range of other plants.

Any thoughts welcome


This could be Nigrotipula nigra Sue.  The angle of view is wrong to be able to see whether it is short- or a long-palped cranefly.  The critical veins are not easy to see either.  Another problem is the light reflected off the wings.  N. nigra has dusky wings which are clearly visible in transmitted light.  It also has a distinctive posterior ventral tab.  The occurrence in this habitat would not be a surprise.  Do you know if it has been recorded there before ??

John K   

I doubt it has been recorded, the site ( Arncott MOD) is under recorded, so i am making records when I can.

I took other photos  a slightly better one of the wings is attached.

Thanks for your help. Will look the species up