Adding a news item

From the "Content" menu, choose Add content - News:

Menu choice to add news item

Give your news item a title.

If the news is of general interest, and not tied to a particular recording scheme, you can leave the "Schemes" set to "None", but if it is related to a particular scheme you can choose the scheme from the dropdown list. (If you link a news item to a scheme it will appear on the news feed for that scheme's page within the website.)

If you need to link to more than one scheme you can do so using the "Add another item" button.

In the "Body" section you can type in the news text, using the buttons to add formatting such as bold and italic. There are also buttons to add images or video within the main news text.

Below the "Body" section there are options to upload a PDF if needed. Click on "Browse" to select the PDF file from your computer. Add some text in the "Description" box - this text is what will appear as the link in your news item. Now put the cursor into the correct place in the Body text of your news item, and then click "Insert" to add the link to the PDF into the news item.

There is also an option to upload an image file with a text link, but it is usually easier to insert images using the button at the top of the "Body" section..

The buttons at the foot of the page allow you to Save or Preview the news item.