Adding events to the calendar

From the "Content" menu, choose Add content - Events.

Add the Event title.

Add the event date into Provide a start date (if your event only runs for a single day this is the only date you need to provide).

Add the Start and finish times - this box does not allow many characters, so be as brief as possible, e.g. "10:30-4" (we will get this box extended when possible).

If your event runs for more than one day, tick the box that says Provide an end date and enter the date of the final day of the event.

Add the EVENT ADDRESS details.

Add the Organiser name, and any additional information in the Description box.

If the event has further information on another website, this can be linked via the URL section, and you can also add Link text, e.g. "Click here to book".

If the event applies to a particular recording scheme this can be selected from the tick boxes at the foot of the page (as yet this doesn't affect anything, but in future it will allow us to link events to the recording scheme pages).

The buttons at the foot of the page allow you to Save or Preview the news item.