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it says im not authorized to that area, and i cannot post new comment on any forum aswell  ???  i am logged in as member, and payed for a year, yesterday.

Hi, I'm new, my name is Eric, I'm a school science technician, flies are a new hobby to me, I've got an OU Biology degree, £250 microscope, just studied George McGavin's 'Basic Entomology' and watched lots of YouTubes on insects and flies in particular. I'm planning to rear mosquitoes small-scale. Just ordered a £15 hatchery, forceps, etc., and 'The Secret Life of Flies' by Erica McAlister. This is a hobby to me, not a job, pure pleasure. I love the beautiful contrasts within diptera, e.g. homogenous, 'perfect' eyes and bristly, messy body! Gentle, slender, delicate, tiny, and deadliest animal on the planet! Pollinators, recyclers, essential for food chains, and living in shit! Plus of course, like all insects, the diversity, adaptability, age and extinction-defiance! Back to flies ...then there's the flight, mouthparts, speed, living on US, alien quality, ubiquity of flies ......... Anyway, I'm pleased to meet you, I don't do social media as a rule and will stay in the background on this forum until I'm confident to say anything worthwhile. Hi.