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I've been collating the records of Sciaridae in VC55 Leicestershire & Rutland and came across the excellent review of British species produced by Menzel, Smith & Chandler in 2006 which included survey work they did in VC55 in 2003. A follow-up came from the 8th International Congress of Dipterology (2014). Both mentioned work towards a new Handbook of this family to replace the severely out-of-dat RES Handbook on Mycetophilidae which included the Sciaridae by Freeman.

However, I have not been able to locate if this new version was produced and if so how to get a copy!

Anybody know of its status please?


Ray Morris


Ray - 

The old mycetophild handbook published by the RES in 1980 included various subfamilies (most of which have now been elevated to family rank). It did not cover the Mycetophilinae (which have recently been covered by Peter Chandler's new 2022 Handbook). Nor did it include the Sciaridae, which were the subject of Freeman's Handbook, published in 1983. There has been talk about a new sciarid handbook, but as far as I know, this is not yet anywhere near completion. Peter may be able to tell you more.