Imantimyia sylvatica (?) from Co Donegal, Ireland.

Imantimyia sylvatica (I think) collected from Ardnamona Woods, 5km North of Donegal Town, Co Donegal, Republic of Ireland. Date: 16.iv.2023. I'm not familiar with this species if anyone could confirm that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


I have uploaded the supporting images above (eventually), though they are rather large. Any assistance would be most appreciated with the identification. Kind regards, Ryan 

Yes, from what I can see, this is Imantimyia sylvatica. The humeri look to be black rather than orange, which is not typical for this species, but Darwyn has noted that some Scottish specimens have darkened humeri, so we might well expect the same from Donegal!

Hi Tony, thank you for your confirmation. I am not familiar with the other species excluding I.albiseta which I find most often. Hopefully will come across a few other species in the future. The black humeri was an unusual feature in this species i wonder if most individuals have black humeri in the the north west. 

At the risk of giving away how long it's been since I studied these things, I believe that climatic melanism is exhibited by several moths in NW Britain, so no reason why flies shouldn't do the same.