Ephydridae Hydrellia?

Submitted by Vanessa on Fri, 20/08/2021 - 23:53

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Hello everyone. Sorry that these photos are not very good...I am a beginner and wondering if anyone could guide me towards getting this fly to species. Am I on the right track with family Ephydridae genus Hydrellia? Many thanks in advance, Vanessa


Sorry Vanessa, no photos have appeared. This seems to happen quite often. As I don't take photos I'm afraid I can't help with the problem. Perhaps someone who has successfully posted pictures in the past can give us chapter and verse on how to do it, and tell us why it so often seems to fail.

Thank you, Tony. I am looking at the Royal En Soc key but wondered if you know of a more up-to-date key, with diagrams and photos if poss? And do you think there is any chance I will get it to species with these photos? It was found in sea club-rush at Red Rocks Marsh, Wirral, Merseyside.

Martin Drake (Organiser of the Dolichopodidae Recording Scheme) and Jon Cole have produced drawings of the male genitalia which are useful for dissected specimens - they're not much help with photos. Chrysotus is a genus I wouldn't try to identify from photos. Even with a specimen, Fonseca's key can be misleading.

Thank you, Tony. Are the drawings on this website somewhere? I have looked on the Dolichopodidae Recording Scheme page but couldn't see them.


Many thanks,