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Hello all,

I'm a new member to the group. I work with Culicoides, so I'm reasonably confident with ID in this particular group. However, I get a lot of other small insects in our trap catches that I'd be interested to identify. Can someone recommend a decent Diptera ID guide, or failing that, would anyone here be able to help if I post a series of images of the main individuals I'm seeing? Here's one from a farm in Devon for starters...

Thanks in advance!


Hello M.  Can't see the picture you refer to?  Best starting point for other Diptera is probably 'The European Families of the Diptera - Identification, diagnosis, biology' by Pjotr Oosterbroek.  For Devon you can't do better than consult the Devon Fly Group (see Diptera groups menu at the top of this page).  For some reason these Fora have never caught on and attract few posts and even fewer responses.  Facebook works for me with identifications a lot of the time.  Others swear by Istagram but I haven't tried that.