Bristleshins (Muscidae: Phaonia) on Flickr

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For any muscid-lovers out there, the big genus Phaonia (currently 47 British species) has just been added to my Flickr site: All but 4 species get at least basic photographic coverage, and all 47 species get a species account (click 'show more'). Most are not so difficult once you get your eye in though I could do with seeing more material of the lugubris/meigeni/morio/consobrina/subfuscinervis quagmire (I've yet to see a genuine meigeni as currently defined). FYI I've now covered 24 muscid genera in a semi-comprehensive manner ( but there are some big ones still to do, notably Helina, Hydrotaea, Coenosia and Spilogona. I've got a failry decent collection here at home and OUM is only a quick drive away and has an amazing world collection that was been recently laid out by Adrian Pont. I must also try to get to the NHM this winter to fill in some gaps that still remain. If you can help to fill in any gaps in coverage with photos or specimens I can borrow, email me at falkentomology(at) Anyway, the ivy is flowering now so keep an eye out for the 'Giant Bristleshin' (P. valida). Yes, every bristleshin has a new vernacular name!