Hoverfly identification – BENHS indoor workshop

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BENHS HQ, Pelham-Clinton Building,
Dinton Pastures Country Park, Davis Street, Hurst
RG10 0TH
United Kingdom


This workshop will mostly focus on the identification of hoverfly specimens using keys and microscopes. If the weather is suitable we will also include a short field session within the grounds at Dinton Pastures, and we’ll cover the use of photography for identification and recording. The most comprehensive guide to hoverflies is “British hoverflies” published by BENHS (and available at a discount to members). We’ll also make use of the photographic guide by Stuart Ball and Roger Morris along with other resources. See also the Hoverfly Recording Scheme website. This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced recorders. Specimens will be available on the day for use with the keys, and if you have specimens of your own to be checked please bring them.

Workshop led by Martin Harvey.

Whilst there is no charge for our workshop, nor any need to be a member, by joining BENHS you ensure these workshop can continue to be offered.

To book a place please mail, supplying a contact phone: indoormeetings@benhs.org.uk

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